What are monitoring headphones

Monitor headphones are headphones that are used in a professional studio to monitor the audio being recorded or mixed.

Also known as studio headphones, these headphones are made to reproduce sound that is as close to the original recording.

How Are Monitor Headphones Different From Regular Headphones?

Four key factors set monitor headphones apart from its commercial-grade counterparts. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1.Monitor Headphones Have a Wide and Flat Frequency Response

2.Monitor Headphones Have No Boosted Bass

3.Monitor Headphones Are Usually More Comfortable to Wear

4.Monitor Headphones Are Quite Robust

Which monitor headphones are best for you?

OneOdio® Monitor 60 Professional Monitor Wired Headphones | Hi-Res Audio

Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Monitor 60 is designed to provide audiophiles with a more perfect sound experience and a more comfortable wearing experience.

OneOdio exclusive audio cable that meets all your needs

-a 1.5 metre (stretching to 3 metres) coiled cable with quarter inch jack plug for professional purposes like DJ'ing, and studio work.

-a generous 3 metre cable for home use.

-a 1.2 metre cable with a built-in microphone.

Large Diaphragm

Monitor 60, with 50mm drivers, delivers extremely beautiful, well-balanced, and accurate sound across the frequency range so that you will hear every detail of music from accurate mids to crisp highs

For Home&Studio

Monitor 60 supplies a 1.2m cable with mic for phone calls, a 3.5mm to 1/4" coiled adapter cable for studio use (especially monitoring and mixing), and also an extra-long audio cable for you to connect the TV easily

High-Resolution Audio

Monitor 60 achieves high performance in revealing sound details without harshness. The sound is warmer, smoother, and crystal clear in whatever type of music

Comfort and Isolation

Breathable ear cushions are crafted to fit your ears, isolating noise and extending pleasure usage time at the same time. Steel headband provides just the right amount of tension and ensures durability. Easily adjustable for the optimum roomy fit


Available for PC, laptop, Phone, and Mac. With supplied cables, it works for most vocal microphones and acoustic instruments like guitar, violin, keyboards, and piano


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