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  • Hello. I have the A9 Headphone. It tells me like every 5 min that the Battery low is. But it has 30% left! Thats a bit early to tell me like every 5 min. Why? It is annoyng. Is there any solution to cut that of? I would understand if it says, battery is 30% and than by 20% and so on.

    hi, so sorry for your trouble. We have a test here. You might get a faulty one. We provide a 24 months warranty. We can replace one for you.

  • Are these Bluetooth wireless as well as ANC?

    yes, it's wireless with ANC.

  • I'm having trouble understanding your naming conventions and specs. which ones are your best headphones?

    Thanks for your question. A9 is the best noise-cancelling headphones.

  • Comprei um a9 mas os parafusos do auscultador caíram, qual a especificação?

    Perdón por tus problemas. Envíe su ID de pedido por correo electrónico, ofrecemos 24 meses de garantía.