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  • Hi, I bought the oneodio headphones Pro-G and the mic wasn’t working. I reported it and got a second pair, but I’m still having the same problem. I’m trying to connect to my PS4, but it tells me there is no mic connected.

    So sorry for your trouble. It's not the problem with the headsets. It's about the sound input of your PS4. You need to go to the PS4 settings, choose sound input, and choose our headphones.

  • When I connect the mic to my ps4 it says to microphone connected how can I fix that

    You can connect it with your PS4 to play games. If any other problems, you can message on our Facebook online chat directly

  • What is your shipping time frame? I am in North Carolina

    During the sepcial time, the delivery time is within a month.

  • Everytime i turn on the mic on my Xbox the headset starts buzzing is there a way to fox this?

    which product model do you use?

  • My dog ate my cables to my headphones I have a pro g (green) can I reorder just the cable

    hi yes, you can. We will launch this accessory asap.