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  • Hola, hay envío a Honduras? Si lo hay en cuanto tiempo llegaría?

    Sorry but it's not available now.

  • Under the current situation of Corona Pandemic, will you be shipping to INDIA? If yes, what's the expected days for delivery?

    So sorry but it's not available to ship India now.

  • How many days it will take headphones to reach at my home. (India)

    hi, sorry but we can't ship to India this month.

  • Здравствуйте. Про 10 и Про 30 внутри идентичны? ( одинаковые)

    Про 30 is an updated version from Про 10 . Color and earmuffs are different.

  • What is the technical specifications of these headphones? I’m looking for frequency range minimum to maximum.

    Thank you for your feedback very much. We have updated the new frequency response on the details page.

  • I am confused. by your naming conventions: 1) Is the Studio Pro 30 equal to the Pro 50 ? 2) Is the Studio Pro equal to the Studio Pro 50 ? Where does the DJ Line fit in ? There is youtube video out there that claims that the Pro 30 and the Pro 50 are identical inside ?

    Thank you for your questions very much.
    1) Studio Pro 10 is our first and classic version,
        Studio Pro 30 is our upgrade version (Earmuff upgrade, color, and more comfortable),
        however, Studio Pro 50 the highest upgrade version (Including maximum comfort earmuffs and HIFI sound quality). 

    2) Studio Pro is our series name, including Studio Pro 50, Pro 30 and Pro 10, Pro G, Pro M, Pro C

  • Hi Can your items be shipped to Mauritius? How much will it cost?

    Yes, we ship worldwide.  Free shipping with small gifts