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With the aim to reflect “The Power of Music”, OneOdio Technology has always been focusing on creating the best sound experience for customers around the world. Let our products bring everyone an audio-visual feast!

In ear headphones are also known as in-ear monitors (IEMs), earphones or ear canal headphones. They are essentially miniaturized headphones that fit into the ear canal and create a noise-blocking seal similar to actual earplugs. In-ear headphones are very convenient for travel, excellent for noisy listening environments and can sound as good as the very best over ear or the best on ear headphones.

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The key to finding the ideal on-ear headphone is to obtain a stable secure fit on the head. The headphones should sit squarely on the outer part of the ear and cover the ear opening completely. The proper ergonomic fit of on-ear / earpad headphones will play a huge role in the overall sound quality performance and isolation ability of the headphone.

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Over Ear Headphones are also commonly known as full-size, circumaural or around the ear headphones. They are the traditional large headphones with ear pads that typically fit around the entire ear on most listeners. Over Ear headphones come in either open or closed ear cup designs and can offer stellar sound quality and excellent comfort. Check out the list for some of our favorite Over Ear headphones.