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  • Hay envío a Honduras? Si lo hay, en cuánto tiempo llegaría?

    so sorry but it’s not available now

  • Where are my free headfones you promised me when I entered code and signed up for 2 year warranty ?

    Thank you for your support very much. Where did you buy it? Please kindly pay attention to your email inbox.
    Also, you can contact us via Facebook or online chat. We can help you check the status.

  • Do you have some spare parts? because of the joint of my One Odio Studio Headphones i bought on Amazon is broken. So i'd like to fix it. It would be very nice if i could by a new joint instead of a new pair of headphones, (bether for environment and cash (;

    Thank you for your questions. So sorry for your trouble. Where did you buy it? Which model of your product? We provide a 24 months warranty. We can replace a new one for you. You can claim the warranty by click support, email us, or contact us by Facebook directly.