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  • Cuanto demora el envio a Perú? Y sabe si la aduana lo acepta?

    So sorry but it's not available now.

  • Is pro 30 a premium one and designed for mixing

    yes, compare to studio pro 10, its upgrade ones with earmuffs. But both are good for mixing.

  • ¿Cuánto tarda el envío a España? Gracias

    usually, it takes 20 days or so.

  • Where are your headphones made?

    Made in China.

  • Quanto tempo ci vorrà per spedizione in Italia? grazie

    usually, it takes 20 days or so.

  • How long is shipping to dubai, UAE?

    usually one month or so.

  • how much time do you take to deliver to india

    About 1 to 2 months.

  • Is shipping free ???


    Yes. Free shipped worldwide. Also, we send gifts for each official order.

  • Hola. Hace u os días se mi pedido de unos audifonos por 30. Aproximadamente cuantos días se va a tardar la entrega de ellos puesto que esta la situación de covid 19.

    Lo sentimos, no vendemos audífonos. de donde eres

  • Hi,I have a pair of pro 30 studio DJ headphones, the sound only comes through one side. Is this correct? Kind regards elaine

    i am afraid that you got a faulty one. please contact us to replace a new one. We provide 24 months warranty.