What's TubeBass™  Technology?

The patented technology of TubeBass™  sound balance catheter, patent number 202023152533.

It has two major advantages that are not available in open-back headphones on the market at present: 

a. Acoustic ducts precisely optimized by an acoustic-aided design algorithm concentrate and transmit the energy from the speaker to the ear canal orifice, providing unprecedented bass capability in open-back headphones. 

b. Accurate matching to achieve sound balance double duct, so that the sound of the two sounding ports can better cancel each other better, achieve far-field noise cancellation, and reduce sound leakage. Let the music only surround the user's ear canal, which not only maintains privacy but also reduces the disturbance to the people in the vicinity around.

The patented TubeBass™ bass enhancement technology can increase the low frequency resonance of the sound to enhance bass and the rhythm of music, thus invigorating your movement pace. It makes low frequencies more solid, deeper and enveloped, allowing pianissimo details and vocals to be bright and clear.