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  • Can I use this with a pro C or a Pro M?

    Pro M is available to use this Cable.

  • I need a replacement boom mic and cable for my studio wireless M Y80B gaming headset. Which should I order? Thank you for your time.

    So sorry for your trouble. The A71 boom mic is available to use with your wireless M Y80B gaming headset.

  • Can this mic be plugged in to other models you sell like the pro 50 or the a70?

    So sorry but it's not available. Because it's a different port. But it can be used for different colors A71 headphones, also for pro M.

  • Are the "Gaming headsets Mic pro M (old version)" or the "A71 adapter-free cable with mic" compatible with the wireless C Y80B? I need a spare mic.

    so sorry but the old version is not available, because it's a different port. But we can send you the old version MIC.